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Julie Landes is the kind of designer who can take a complex idea and deliver a creative design, telling a story everyone wants to hear.
She has worked much of her career as a free-lancer; branding and designing print, exhibits… all the way to complete cultural museums. In addition, Julie has worked as a team member creating complete image packages, discovering solutions to marketing problems, managing brainstorming groups and even helping develop company mission statements. At the trade association, PPAI in Irving, Julie played a major role in developing their annual conventions as well as one of the largest trade shows in the USA. She has worked for JWalter Thompson, one of the world’s leading advertising agencies, New Trends as a product designer, and various large presses in Dallas. When Julie is not creating masterful campaigns, she loves to be a part of the world-famous Original Terlingua International Chili Cook-off (the first chili cook-off competition in the country). Julie brings tested expertise, thorough print knowledge, quality brand integrity and powerful software skills to the Robinson Creative staff.