The Alden South Hills Apartments Reposition Property with an Updated Monument Design

An Impressive Yet Historic Living Alternative.

A sprawling 1050 unit community in Pittsburgh, The Residences at South Hills was a dated 1940’s community in need of a facelift. Robinson renames the community and establishes it as an impressive yet historic living alternative. The community was originally built for steelworkers in Pittsburg’s southern factories.

RC integrates this heritage with faux Cor-Ten steel panels on the monument, a distinguishing shape, and innovative logo. Because of the extraordinary amount of signage, Design Sign Studio’s Inspire theme is utilized to keep cost as low as possible.

At Robinson’s suggestion, three types of homes are divided into neighborhoods in this 85-acre community. The Flats, Garden, and Townhomes allow leasing staff a more feasible method to market and organize the homes. Signage is designed to compliment the historic nature of the community while providing information and directions.

The Alden South Hills

June 15, 2018