Arium CityLake Luxury Apartment Homes LED Illuminated Monument with Tiles Night

Impacting Company Portfolio Signage System.

The Carroll Companies purchase and reposition existing property. This community has a tight budget but utilizes dynamic identity and signage that creates a distinctive appeal. Robinson refaces the main illuminated monument and large freeway identity as well as several other community signs for a more established Carroll branded look. Illuminated signage is difficult due to the glass tile, small channel-letters and the signs’ disrepair. Robinson enhances the existing signs with more detail and establishes a dynamic new image.

Arium CityLake Illuminated Monument with Tile Accents Day
Arium CityLake Illuminated Monument with Tile Accents
Arium Westheimer Luxury Apartment Homes Monument Reface
Arium Westheimer Luxury Apartment Homes Monument Reface
Arium Westheimer Villas Monument Reface
Arium Towne Lake Luxury Apartment Homes Monument with Two Address Numbers
Arium Park West Luxury Apartment Homes Monument Reface with Address Number
Arium Towne Lake Dimensional Letters in Leasing Office
Arium Towne Lake Framed Office Site Plan
Arium Leasing Office Hours with Stand-Offs on Post
Arium Lakecrest Address Number Sign
Arium The Loft Neon Light in Clubroom
Arium Fitness Center and Media Room ID Vinyl on Door
Arium Fitness Center ID with ADA/Braille
Arium Business Center Rules Sign
Arium Mail Center ID
Arium Women Restroom ID with ADA/Braille
Arium Future Resident Parking on Post
Arium Site Plan Directory Sign on Post
Arium Unit Numbers
Arium Building Numbers
Arium Pool Rules on Post
Arium Pool Warning No Lifeguard on Duty Sign
Arium 911 Phone Directional Sign by Pool Gate
Arium Pool Gate Sign
Arium Grill Rules Sign on Post
Arium Exit Only Gate Sign
Arium Speed Limit Sign on Post

April 12, 2014